Long time!

I have been so busy the past few weeks i haven’t had time to stop and post a proper blog really.

I have been up to far to much stuff to post in this blog post without boring you all. so Il just give you some bullet point’s

  • Photographers for 247 Magazine, 3 page editorial (may be submitted for front cover)
  • Helped out Emilie Layla Lovaine out on a Look-Book Photo-shoot
  • Photographed an array of Artists and musicians for there album covers and promo.
  • Helped out ken picton with a mix of stuff from models to photo’s
  • Be invited onto the CR Teem as the Casting officer (so on the hunt for more models)

Those are just some of thie things Iv been up to. There are some more exciting projects coming up as well!

Il try and keep you all in the loop more, promise.


The last 2 photos above are the 2 models i had on the 247 Magazine photo shoot. Im allowed to put them up because there not being used in the magazine and don’t give anything away.


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