My first proper day shooting yesterday! i was in the studio in the morning doing some Press stuff

But i spent the afternoon with Flow Dem a Group from S.Wales who are getting pretty big in the UK after being on SkyOne’s “Must Be The Music”

I finally got to have a play with my new kit! The lovely Nikor 85mm F1.4 on my DX sensor it was 127.5mm so it was hard to use. but all i have to say is wow! it was extraordinarily hard to focus especially when you have a bunch of MC’s moving around in front of you. but i would recommend this lens to anyone! it is amazing! obviously if you can afford it because it does come with a price to match the quality.

To see more of the photos check out : Flow Dem

There is a bonus portrait here of MK. Which you wont see on their page.


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    Middle right is just insanely sharp, 85mm
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