The Sarah Howells promotional Shoot the other night was very interesting and Very hard!

It is my first time shooting Video ever. I really like to challenge myself so I’ve started by shooting underwater.

I was shooting for Matt Damsell and Jason Jenkins who are starting up a new Media production company coming out of S.Wales you will want to keep an eye out for them as they’re really on the ball! My good Friend Fez was also on the Team since he has the most experience with video. He has taken on the Post production, so he;s slaving over the computer now putting everything together.

the Photos Above:

The top photo is an Exclusive sneak Peak at the footage, it is far from finished yet but I thought I would let my followers have a little something.

The top left photo is the studio set up almost all together.

Top right is me and Matt Damsell on a little brake from shooting, he was in the pool with me assisting. Which most of the time meant standing on my back making sure I stayed underwater, as I was filming haha.

Bottom left photo is Sarah Howells, Matt Damsell and myself just after finishing shooting.

Finally the bottom right photo is the lovely view I woke up to the next day after staying at Jason Jenkins apartment because we finished shooting at 5am..


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